Where Are the Losers of This Successful GM IPO?

GM is a hallmark of the US industry and economy. It is one of the biggest companies. Many people probably thought that they had invested their savings in a good way by buying stock or bonds of this company. How wrong could you be by investing in an American icon?


GM has now the 2nd biggest IPO in the US history. But GM was also that company that went bankrupt, or whatever term was used a while ago. Didn’t a lot of people lose a lot of money then? Didn’t people lose their savings? How would they feel now?


All the big news about the GM IPO gives me as little bad taste in the mouth. Of course I am happy for all the people who have worked so hard to achieve this. But my thoughts are going to the losers.


Who are the people who lost a lot of their savings in this GM debacle? Someone should make an analysis on this and tell those people and others what went wrong. And tell them how they can avoid next time to lose money in a similar situation.


Share the Lessons

I guess that these people, the losers in this story, are not the people who fill their lives with following the financial news and markets. I guess that these people are the hard working Americans who live their lives, take care of their children and grandchildren and who plan to have a nice retirement.


And now when they turn on the TV today, they get the news of this massively oversubscribed and successful GM IPO. And wasn’t that the company that had ruined all their plans? Someone should tell them and the others the lessons of what happened here.


Find, tell and share that story.